15 August 2011

Time's almost up!

In a month, I'll be recovering from jet lag in my new place near the Hawkshead campus. And preparing to go to Oktoberfest (possibly).

It's strange how a whole month has gone by and it doesn't feel like I've really been here all that long. Visiting family and hanging out with friends has basically been the bulk of my activities since I've gotten back, with placements sprinkled in the mix (started the last one today!) This next month is sure to pass by quickly as well. The next two weeks I'll be working with lab animals for my last placement, going down to NJ to celebrate my roommate J's birthday, before I then go visit my best friend at the end of the month, followed by visiting another friend before going to her wedding at the beginning of September.

Phew. Busy last month in the states. I better fit in finishing my AHEMS write-up stuff in there too.

02 August 2011


You never really know what loud is until you have a screaming piglet near your face because you're trying to inject them with anthelmintics. I don't think my ears will EVER stop ringing.

But the little piglets are so adorable! And the mamas are surprisingly sweet as well. Except when you try to take their babies away from them to treat them.

5 more days of pigs, then a week off for friends/family fun, then doing lab animal work for 2 weeks. After that, I'm done with AHEMS.

Just 6 weeks left until I go back to London!