29 November 2012

Don't Panic.

This has been my daily mantra for the past few days leading up to 4th year exams, which start tomorrow. I'm about as prepared as I can get, although the past few days I haven't really been going too overboard with studying.

The set up is a bit different this year; we have an exam tomorrow that includes four essays: one ethics, one statistics type, and two clinical scenarios. For the clinical scenarios, we just have to write down a prioritized problem list, a differential diagnoses list, and tests we'd like to perform and why. Tomorrow afternoon they'll release more info and then Monday we finish the clinical scenarios. Then we have another week after that until the MCQs and EMQs.

And to be honest, I haven't actually had a proper panic attack about this exam. I feel almost too relaxed going into it, but I really don't know what else I can do to prepare. I've studied, I've reviewed old case studies and clinical scenarios...I feel like I've missed something except I can't be asked to care.

Oh well. I guess it's better than going into full panic mode like I've done for the past 2 years.

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This is a little late, but I just got back from dinner at a friend's house. It was pretty much amazing. My pumpkin pie came out lovely, and the bacon armor on the turkey was delicious.

Here's a picture of half of the spread; the other half was blocked by the poinsettia plant.

Of course we made way too much food for seven people, but what's Thanksgiving without leftovers??

Hope everyone enjoyed their day (whether you celebrate or not)!

One more week until exams. Not excited to start, but excited to be over with 4th year exams. December 10th can't come fast enough.

16 November 2012

Last day!!

Today was officially (OFFICIALLY) the last day of lectures for BVetMed '14.

You heard me. The LAST DAY. Of FORMAL LECTURES. 



Caps lock is a bit annoying, and I've been at the Buttery (the Hawkshead bar) for a few hours, so pardon my typing. 

Seriously, though. BVetMed4 had the theme of Noah's Ark for last day of classes, and it worked out WONDERFULLY. I dressed up as a sloth with my friend A., and it was amazing. Although the face makeup was a little itchy so I had to remove it right after all the pictures were taken. Here's a sample of our class picture:

Needless to say, we had a great last day of lectures. I'm so proud of class of 2014, for taking the theme seriously and for being so badass at doing it!

And now, onto the serious bit of revision until exams in 2 weeks. Bring it on!!

10 November 2012


So for those of you living under rocks, President Obama was elected for a second term this past Tuesday. I know a lot of people are unhappy about it, and yes, you have the right to complain (only if you voted), but he is our President and if you're a citizen of the US, you better respect that or GTFO.

Now that my mini soapbox rant is over...

Next week is my last week of proper lectures EVAR.

Yes, I spelled it wrong.

Seriously, though. Last week of classes. Forever. Except for pre-taught tracking. And final year seminars.

4th year exams are in just under 3 weeks, and I've got and formative OPSVE to 'prepare' for. But seriously, I'm not going to do much preparation for it. It's formative, it doesn't count, it's meant to be a learning experience and I'm going to treat it as such. If I don't know how to do something, well...color me surprised. It's more to prepare us for the final year exams than anything, and unfortunately this is the only time in the year that we have in which to do it.

I should probably get back to studying, since this is my procrastination tool (and I've got nothing really left to talk about). Until next time.