20 December 2011

10,000 page views!

Totally unrelated to vet school, but I'd just like to thank everyone who visits my blog. I'm so touched by how it's helped some of you with applying to the RVC, or deciding if it's right for you.

I don't know if I'll be updating much during the winter holiday, so if I don't:

Happy Chanukah!

Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year!!

13 December 2011

Christmas Ball

RVC Student Union sure knows how to throw a party.

Last night we had the school's Christmas Ball. It was pretty epic. The food was fabulous, we had a never ending supply of wine and beer at our disposal, we had a STAGE to dance on, there were dancers, acrobatics during dinner, gambling (fake, of course) after dinner, there was 'snow' (soap bubbles, I'm guessing), it was just really beautiful. Here's a peek at what the ceiling looked like:

It was a really fabulous night. The end got a little hectic when we tried to retrieve our coats, but we made it home ok in the end, coats and all.

And tomorrow, I'm flying home. I'm missing a few days of lecture, but RVC records lectures through a system called Echo360, so I'll be listening to those that I miss at home.

GAH I can't wait to see everyone back home in RI!

08 December 2011

Homemade Chicken Soup time.

I've been coming down with a cold this week, and today it hit me full force. Yesterday I was just sniffly, had a scratchy throat and a major migraine. Today, it's the sinus pain, stuffed nose, scratchy throat, cough, etc etc ad nauseum. So, I went to the local butcher and got carrots, celery, leek, and two chicken legs to make chicken soup. I still believe that this is the cure-all for colds, mostly because it makes me feel better emotionally than physically. It just screams home for me, which is what I desperately need when I'm sick. I'm a miserable...insert word here...when I'm sick, and chicken soup makes me not miserable.

It's currently simmering on the stove, while I eat gluten-free chocolate chip muffins that my friend B. gave me randomly. He's such a super thoughtful person! They're really yummy.

By the way: I watched turkey slaughter yesterday...forgot to mention that. It was really interesting how it's done. The birds are stunned first to make them insensible, then bled in order to knock them unconscious before the stun wears off (it's so they don't feel pain). And then we got to pluck some of them, another interesting thing, since I've never plucked anything before. Had a really good talk to a fellow 3rd year about random stuff. It was a great day.

07 December 2011

And it's done.

Handed in my AHEMS report today. It is such a relief, but now I feel like I've got nothing to do. I mean, I have plenty of work to do since I'm about 6 weeks behind in lectures...

But it feels very very good to be finished. It turned out pretty well, I think. I had a few people read it over for grammatical errors and such (my sister and my friend S., who works in research and has been published in scientific journals before), and they all really enjoyed it.

Good sign? I hope so.

And now, I have one week until I (hopefully) fly home. So excited! Can't wait to see my house decked in Christmas gear.

02 December 2011

Just a regular day at the *ahem* Royal Vet College...

We had a very special visitor today come to the RVC Hawkshead campus: HRH Princess Anne.

I mean, we are called the "Royal" Vet College for a reason...

(Image shamelessly stolen from my friend J. She was in the perfect position, and I was in the library...studying.)

In less sparkly awesome news, my paper is almost complete. If I can just wrap my head around how to conclude the essay, I'll be golden. Also, I got some lovely surgical instrument posters for my walls (courtesy of, again, my friend J. without whom I would probably not pass vet school). They were free from a company here in the UK.

Pardon my post-nap appearance...it's finally become proper winter here in the UK, which means the frequency of my naps will increase until the sun stays in the sky for decent periods of time instead of this dark at 4:15pm crap.