30 June 2014

The Big Move

Well, I survived the weekend of crazy-why did I think this was possible?

Friday I flew into Boston and it was  MAD HOUSE. So many people. Too many people, really. Saturday, my dad and I packed up a u-haul truck. I had a pedicure, and I almost fell asleep in the chair I was so tired. Had dinner with parents, then went down to South County to attend a friend's bachelorette party (many shenanigans went down; I was only there for a little while but shenanigans were had). This morning, parents and I drove up with all the stuff and 2 cars with 3 dogs to Saratoga. It only took about 4 hours to get everything out of the truck and up a floor (THANK GOD FOR ELEVATORS). I'm about 1/3 of the way unpacked at this point in the night and I'm too tired to go on. Tomorrow: first day at work.

What. Was. I. Thinking.

I mean, I did it. Mostly. I've got the big stuff unpacked. I do need to do a giant shop for food and some other essentials (like TOILET PAPER. Honestly, who forgets to buy toilet paper).

But seriously. I moved from the UK to my parents house and to Saratoga all in one weekend. I don't even have time to be jet-lagged (I am SO lagging, it's awful).

Advice: if you can get away with it, try not to do what I did. I just hope my brain has recovered enough from exams that I can be a functional human being this week.

26 June 2014


The final finals are officially over! Well, hopefully the final finals. Results are next Friday, so I'll be holding my breath a bit until then. In the end, there were some good bits and some bits where I went "WTF." So it's really up in the air as to whether I passed or not. But honestly, I've never not passed an exam here, so (fingers crossed) here's hoping this set of exams doesn't break that pattern.

Tomorrow I fly back for the pentultimate time to move my stuff from the UK to RI, then from RI to NY. And then start at my internship on Monday. Not much time to breathe. I do, however, have a pedicure at 1pm on Saturday, so there's a bit of pampering that will happen.

4 years coming to a close. Doesn't it just feel surreal?

20 June 2014

One week!!

Holy mother of kittens, I've only got a week before I move back to the US. It's hard to believe.

The worst part of this is that I absolutely hate packing. Especially since it's so much more to take home than I expected. I mean, it's 4 years of life here in the UK. It's a lot. I'm trying to decide what is best to take back in the first leg of the moving process. I've gotten rid of 3 bags of clothes, so that reduces my wardrobe a lot...but I still have a sizable amount left to pack up. Do I bring the few bits and bobs hanging around my room (pictures, etc) on the first trip? And books, what about those? Decisions.

Thankfully I've managed to sell most of my furniture. I don't feel too bad about not selling the rest. I'm taking a bit of a hit in the wallet, but it's not enough to make a huge fuss over. I'm just glad I sold the big ticket items (desk, TV, dresser).

As you can imagine, revision has been going slowly. I've managed to get through everything I wanted to get through, but that feeling of not knowing enough is heavy on my mind. I'm great at telling people they know more than they think they do, and that everything will be fine, except I'm not all that great at telling it to myself. HOWEVER. I do keep repeating 2 things: 1) if I can survive G&T year, I can survive anything; and 2) If I can make it through 3 years of exams and do moderately well, I can make it through this one.

On that note, I'm gonna get back to revision. Only 3 more days until exams!

04 June 2014

26 days, and revision fatigue.

It's a thing. Really it is.

We're only in the second week of the revision period and I'm already crawling up the walls of my room. Studying in my room is pretty difficult since I keep looking at things and thinking "huh, I need to pack that up. And that too. And I need to sell my furniture. And donate the clothes that are in that bag right there."


Also, I'm struggling to figure out how exactly to revise for these exams. It's mostly essays and long answer papers, which are not usually my best formats. And next week, we have our RP2 project defense. Not excited.

And in 26 days, I'll be starting my job. It feels so surreal.