30 December 2010


I've lost a bit of weight while being in London (partially from being so sick for the past month and partially from walking around). My uncle, who has been working for an international bank and has done a lot of business in the UK, said "Blame the food in England." And now that I'm back in the States for the brief Christmas holiday, all I've been doing is eating.

My family and I went to Long Island to visit family and my grandmother made her Sicilian sauce. I've visited my favorite restaurant, Rasoi, twice already. My mother has been making me food, which is a treat in and of itself because she's such a fabulous cook (I hope to inherit the Sicilian cooking gene). I've had take away from my favorite Italian/Greek restaurant AND I've eaten inside of it.

My tummy is saying "Yum" but my waistline is inevitably going to grow.

24 December 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Got home safely on Wednesday afternoon. Had a little crying session with my mom when she came down the escalator at Logan. It was grand. When we watched Love Actually later that night, we both got hysterical at the end when the Beach Boys were playing and all the greeting scenes were playing, mostly because that's exactly what we had just done about 8 hours earlier.

I know. We're saps. It's a family trait.

Anyway, I'm back to being sick (thanks, Heathrow, for throwing all us semi-stranded people into the snow and freezing cold without proper shoes on). Back on antibiotics, and new development: an inhaler, for those times that I can't breathe properly. Wish they had thought of that when I would walk up stairs at school and I wouldn't be able to breathe. Would've been handy. But at least now I'm on the mend (hopefully).

The real point of this post was to do this:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and gets to spend time with family (especially my friends who are still in the UK, fingers crossed that you get home soon!).

20 December 2010

I think I can, I think I can...

Rescheduled flight is tomorrow morning. Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get cancelled. I've been on hold with AA to check the status of my flight. Today the flight that I'll be on tomorrow left, so I'm hoping that's a good sign.

However, my flatmate J and my friend A got out today!! They are just leaving the runway now (gotta love texting). I'm so glad they were able. I'm hoping I'm as fortunate!

19 December 2010

UK Travel Chaos

Ma Nature decided to be ugly to me and a bunch of US students here in the UK yesterday and drop 10 cm on Heathrow and bring the unholy freezing temperatures in. As a result, my flight (and a bunch of other flights that my friends here were supposed to take home) were cancelled.

I have to say that the disappointment is overwhelming. I managed to get another flight out on Tuesday, but forecast is again for snow. Hopefully the fact that it's supposed to stay above freezing the whole day means that I'll be able to fly outta here. But unfortunately the feeling of being an animal trapped in a corner is starting.

At least I got to talk to some of my family yesterday while they were together for the yearly Smörgåsbord, which perked me up a little. And I talked to my lovely Aunt S.W. which was also a bit of a life saver.

But now, I have time to pick up some last minute gifts, buy some badly needed boots, and (reluctantly) enjoy the beauty of London under a blanket of snow.

15 December 2010


I really shouldn't be doing a blog post, but as a professional procrastinator, it's necessary. Besides. It's either I pretend look at the histology pictures in Wheater's, watch Emma on youtube (my free movie website doesn't really load well at night), or do this.

Let me begin by saying: I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER studied this much in my life (for an exam that only counted for 5% of total grade). Over a week straight of being in the library quiet room revising for my exam on Friday. My body is starting to reject my attempts at being studious; I've had a migraine for most of the day. Probably from reading too much. And staring at computer screens doing practice MCQs. Or it's from information overload. I'm not sure.

Also, since about...last Saturday? My brain has been on that flight home. I talked to my sister last night on Skype and all I wanted to do was climb through the computer screen and hug her for an hour. It's ridiculous how much I miss her. And the night before that, my mom had Bailey on Skype and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with her for a week and a half.

I want it to be Saturday at 9:45pm CST. That's when my plane lands in Louis Armstrong in NOLA and I'll be able to see my sister and her boyfriend.

And now...back to revising. Maybe.

10 December 2010

End of Term Exam

35 MCQs. 1.5 hours to do it in. All I need to do to pass is get above 50%. (I mean really, how ridiculous is that?)

Why am I freaking out about this? Who knows. It's what I do best.

And look, this is what it's doing to my poor friend D -

RVC: Torturing vet students during exams since 1791...

03 December 2010

I Love Dissection...?

Really, I do love dissection. Except when it's 6 hours in the dissection lab doing two different tasks: dissection of the equine forelimb and then study of the vertebral column in domestic animals.

The first part was almost bearable. I mean, duh. It's what the bulk of my future work as a vet will be, considering I want to work mainly with orthopedics, which requires extensive knowledge of the equine limb in general.

But the second part? Ugh. I pretty much just sat and chatted with two classmates about random stuff (like childbirth to hyperextension of the neck in horses and it's consequences...not sure how that happened).

And I snapped a picture of what must've once been a cute bulldog:

That's what happens when a vet student gets bored. We take pictures of silly things, like articulated skeletons of dogs.