31 January 2014

Last day of formal rotations

Today was my absolute last day of rotations, minus the 5 weeks of EMS I have lined up for February/March. It's amazing how fast this time has flown by. I'm glad there is one less hurdle to jump now, but I'm going to miss my rotation mates. We've got plans to celebrate the end of rotations in April when we're all back for OSCEs (practical exams, oh my!) and electives.

So...yeah. Flight to Virginia is on Sunday, then two weeks with equine imaging specialists, then a week with my best friend and her family, 3 weeks with Rood and Riddle, and that's it.


I'm gonna go celebrate now. Only 5 months left!!

23 January 2014

And the results are in...

I passed the NAVLE!!

I think I'm more happy that I don't need to take it again than I am about passing it. Oh well, I guess that's the same thing, right?

Wooooooooooo!!!!!! The only big hurdle now is my finals.

And wow, two posts in a week. I haven't done that in a while.

21 January 2014

Sleepless in the ERH

This week started my Equine Out of Hours (OOH) rotation, also my last equine rotation as a student. It goes without saying that I'm pretty tired. Sunday night started off with a bang (colic surgery), although we ended up euthanizing on the table. Made me sad, but that's how it goes sometimes.

I'm at last in the final stretch of rotations. I have this week of OOH (which ends 6am on Sunday morning), and then a week of Pathology...and then I'm done.

It's been less than a year since I started rotations, and I'm almost finished. It feels pretty weird and wonderful. I'm excited to be finished, but at the same time I'm sad to leave all my friends. I've had a great rotation group, and I love those girls. It's the last time we'll all be together as a group. And it kinda sucks.

So...yeah. Last two weeks of rotations, then 6 weeks in the US. Again. Except this time for both work and pleasure. I'll be seeing my friend Sara and her family, which will be amazing. (Speaking of...I need to book that flight!) And I'll be seeing my college girlies for a couple of days before I head back to London for electives/revision/exams season.

Truthfully, I'll be glad to not fly for a little while after I fly back from graduation in July.

07 January 2014

The countdown begins...

I don't know why I decided to do this tonight, but I did. I figured out how many days I have left until my last final.

171 days.

Ugh. So far away.

And 175 days until I start my internship. Again, far away.

I'm flying back to London on Wednesday, and on the following Monday I'll be starting my LAST ROTATION BLOCK. EVER.


02 January 2014

2014 Resolutions

2013 had a lot of big things in it. Rotations, got and lost a wonderful pet, got accepted into an internship program (of a lifetime)...

Actually, 2013 didn't really have that many things in it, looking back on it. There was a lot of stress, a lot of good times with friends, (a lot of alcohol), and a bit of heartache. So bring on 2014. The year I become a veterinarian. And move to New York. And start an equine internship. 

I've never been super great with resolutions. Most of the time I resolve to make no resolutions. Or decide that I'm going to attempt at a healthier lifestyle (which actually has worked, I lost 20 lbs this past year). So this year I'll make a few I can hopefully keep. 

1. Keep going on the healthy lifestyle; exercise regularly, stay away from the bad foods, and get as much sleep as possible on the regular (or as much as life allows). 

2. Work my butt off and make this internship year count. It is my opportunity to get as much learning and experience under my belt as possible to launch my career. 

3. Get back on a horse and ride. Even if it only happens once.

So here's to 2014!