23 January 2011

Reason I love London: #2934

Ok...I made up that number, but I've lost count of the reasons I love London.

Friday, I had finally had the chance to go see The King's Speech with a few friends (I'd been waiting to see it forEVER). Went to the Odeon Camden (smallest theatre ever, but it was nice). Don't think I'll ever get used to assigned seats at the movie theatre, though...but I digress. Go see the movie. It's fabulous and a must-see. As if I needed another reason to fall in love with Colin Firth...

The point of the above paragraph is this:

It's hard to see, but the gist of the plaque is that the RVC building, Hobday, (which is the place I practically LIVE I'm in there so often) was opened by King George the VI, and his wife Queen Elizabeth was there. I walk by this thing EVERY DAY and (of course) never noticed it. I just get such a kick out of seeing it there.

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  1. Yes love this building it was named after my great, great, grandfather.