17 May 2011

T-minus 5 weeks and counting.

I've got 5 weeks until final exams. Yikes.

They're 90% of my grade for the year. Yikes x2.

I started revising for exams this past weekend, and I can't believe how much I don't remember. Well, that's sort of a lie. I remember a lot, but not details. In the Graduate handbook, you get a list of all the objectives for each subject that the lecturers expect you to know for the exams. I'm just now going through them all. The objectives are super helpful in condensing what you need to know and helping you figure out how to say what you want in a concise manner. But it just takes FOREVER. Probably not the smartest idea to leave them until now, but what can I say? I was too wrapped up in AHEMS for 7 weeks and slept because I needed to sleep. Can't beat myself up about that.

Plus, 5 weeks is not THAT short a time. This is doable. Totally and completely doable.

I'm debating blocking my free movie site for a few weeks so I have less distractions. Can't block youtube because I've been watching videos about renal physiology and such as well as dissections. It's amazing what you find on youtube nowadays.

Oh yeah...I'm also going to look at flats during the next 5 weeks. I've decided to get my own flat and live near Hawkshead campus in Potters Bar. Fingers crossed I find a good one that's a decent price.

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