16 June 2011

Home Stretch.

The final lap of revision has commenced. Only 4 days until exams start, and 17 days until the last exam of the year; freedom, in a way, and coincidentally also happens to be US Independence Day. Gotta love the irony there.

After 4 weeks straight of studying (technically more), my brain is starting to melt. But it's in there. All the information that I've accumulated throughout the year is definitely in there. I know this, because when doing group review, I'm actually able to make sense of things without my notes (most of the time). It's just a matter of pulling it out when required and making sense of it.

I've got two slogans getting me through this exam period: 'Don't panic.' -Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy; and 'Do, or do not. There is no try.' -Yoda

Oh, and just keep swimming.


  1. Hi! I know this is super random, but I'm on the RVC GT course and I was wondering what your revision tips are for GT final exams?? I feel soooo behind!!

  2. Hey Hayley!

    Honestly, the best way to revise is to do the learning objectives for each module. That's what I did last year, and that's what I'm doing right now (yikes, exam in less than a month). Writing them out helps you prepare for the essay and short answer sections of the exam. It's also a really good to make up some flashcards, especially the stuff that you're rocky on. Just don't get too caught up with one subject at the expense of not doing enough revision on another one closer to the exam.

    Don't focus too much on past papers; I was told by my tutor last year that some students end up writing last year's essay on a current year essay that is asking something similar, but NOT the same thing. And that's pretty much a guaranteed failure.

    DO sleep. And get plenty of down time. I started studying about a week before the end of classes in May last year, while also doing the last week of lecture notes. Take breaks, go watch a movie, go out to dinner for a couple of hours, etc etc. There is such a thing as overstudying.

    Other than that, I don't really have much else to recommend! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)


  3. Great, thank you so much!! Good luck! :)