13 July 2011

Back in the USA!

I'm home! I have my dogs around me. I'm an extremely happy camper. I managed to stay awake on the flight, even though I got into Boston at 3am UK time. When I walked into the main part of the airport, I saw my dad almost immediately, got a little too excited and I almost ran some poor guy over.And then we walked to the car and discovered that my sister and my father had brought my sweet girl Bailey to the airport with them. What a homecoming! It was great.

If you reading and sort of confused, it's ok. I decided to only do one week at Wimbledon and fly home early to spend more time before going to my pig placement in NY. That means more time with my sister, more time with my friends, and more time to recover from jet lag.

Exam results come out in about 45 minutes, so today will either be a very good day...or a very bad day. We'll see.


It is a VERY good day. :D

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