03 February 2013

Research research research.

I had my wonderful holiday in Tenerife with my friend A last week (got back last Sunday). It was paradise, it was lovely, and we had a really great time hanging out and relaxing in the sunshine (and getting sun-burnt in the process).

But now I'm back to the reality that yes, rotations start next week and yes, I need to get a good portion of the prep work on my research project done this week. And I also need to start getting up earlier than 10am and going to bed earlier than 2am.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of this time off as much as possible. Because after this, there's not a whole lot of time before real life has to start.


  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter! I always like learning about other vet types who are recording bits and pieces of life online. So what is you research project on?

  2. Hey! My research project is on prevalence of PPID in the aged horse population in the UK. Thanks for reading my bit of the internet!