27 October 2011

Dentistry is not for me.

We 3rd years finished our Alimentary module this week (scary how fast this year is going already), and our last action for it was a tooth extraction. We've had a few lectures on small animal dentistry (and one on equine), but nothing can really prepare you for actually going into a dog's mouth (don't worry, we practiced on ones that were no longer alive) and pulling out a tooth. Of course, it's not that simple. We had about 15 minutes to take one tooth out and I just about managed with the help of the lecturer.

All in all, I'm set with small animal dentistry. I'm sure I'll have to, at some point in my clinical years, have to perform a dental on an animal, and I will do that with enthusiasm, but there is no possibility of me specializing in small animal dentistry. Just not my cup of tea.

I prefer the teeth that I work on to be larger, hypsodont, and inside a horse's mouth. But that's just me.

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