04 February 2012

I heart cardiology.

We finished our cardiology module this week. It was seriously one of the most fun module thus far. And really, I think one of the reasons that it was amazing as it was, is because the lecturers were SO invested in us learning the material.

I will say, though, that all of the lecturers here are invested in us learning the material. But the cardio lecturers seemed to just have so much fun teaching us.

For example: for our ECG lecture, the lecturer literally acted out (in interpretive dance) the heart cycle. And then gave examples of what different arrhythmias would do to the heart cycle. Also, Adrian Boswood is hysterical and cracks jokes all the time during lectures, which makes paying attention very easy.

So yeah. I'm sad that the cardiac module is over.

And I just realized that I've only got 7 more weeks until I begin my clinical EMS. Yikes. And only 3 months until exams. Double yikes.

PS: here's the video for the Mad Professor, who our ECG lecturer got his ideas from.

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