26 January 2012

So not in shape.

So I wrote a while ago about my not-resolution to run a 10K this year.

Unfortunately, the 10K I planned on running closed, so I'm making it up by running a 5K next month. Not quite as awesome or scary, but hopefully still doable. But on top of all of this, a few friends and I have started to go to the gym more often in order to get more into shape.

Well. Last night we went to Core Stability at the gym, which basically equates to a Biggest Loser type work-out. So needless to say, walking is really difficult today (and so is going up stairs and lifting my arms).

It just really highlights how out of shape I really am. I mean, I was a pretty active person in high school; I ran and did swim for a few years, and I rode my horse pretty much every day of the week. Once college hit, I rode less and eventually sold my horse. After that, I became sedentary. Yeah, maybe a few times I surfaced out of it, but overall...I was a lazy couch potato.

So now, I'm determined to not let that happen again. Maybe I won't look quite so slender as I did in my teens...but I didn't really have much shape back then either. I'd like to keep the good parts of my figure.

As for school: we've started our cardiology module this week, and I've realized how much I really like diagnostic imaging. We had a echocardiography lecture today, as well as a lecture on cardiac radiography, both of which I found extremely interesting. I did find an equine diagnostic imaging internship a while ago that I was debating on trying out for; now, I will definitely be applying (read:begging) to that.

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