13 May 2013

Something to brighten your day.

Thank you, Cornell University class of 2012. You made my day a little brighter.

I was browsing the Student Doctor Network vet forums and came across a post that had this link in it. I laughed hysterically. I hope it improves your day just a little bit too.

I'm officially on my last week of my first research block. After meeting with my advisor earlier today, I am very relieved and happy with what I've got. I'll be going back in June to do one last thing, but I don't have to go to any more places!! I'm pretty much done with all my data collection. And I've got most of my stats done as well, thanks to my lovely science friend S. who is doing a masters in stats. She's a star. So now, it's all about the write-up.

Next week, Small Animal Med starts. I'm glad to be getting back into the hospital after being stuck at home for 3 weeks. Nervous, because small animal med is not a strength of mine, but hey. What else are clinics for?

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