07 May 2013

When Research Strikes.

So I've been back in the UK a week now, and I'm currently hanging out in Norwich. I've started to collect data for my project, but unfortunately the data I'm getting isn't quite complete. We'll see what happens.

Word to the wise: try not to create your own retrospective project. Unless you know what you're doing (which I don't), it's much easier to discuss a topic and have a lecturer or clinician guide you in the right direction.

In other news, British Summertime has arrived! It's beautifully sunny outside, warm(ish), and the sky stays light until 9pm. Ah. I love it. I went to the local pub's garden party with my rotation group and had a great time catching up on everyone's Easter EMS and research project problems (I'm not the only one! Thank GOD). I've been making excuses to go outside (mowing the lawn, attempting to garden with my very un-green thumb), and trying to make sure that I enjoy as much of this weather as I can before it leaves. The only downside to British Summertime is that the sun starts to rise a hell of a lot earlier than one expects. In June, it'll rise around 4:30am.

Anyway, I'll update more frequently now that the sun rises earlier. You know, more time for activities!

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