24 July 2013

On surgery, final year, and other matters.

I officially have less than a year to go until graduation. Of course, I need to pass all my rotations and final exams before that happens...but let's just say for the hell of it I pass.


Less than ONE YEAR.

Even typing that out makes me go into a mini-panic attack. Am I ready for this? Does anyone ever really feel ready for it?

It doesn't feel like I've been here for 3 years. It certainly doesn't feel like I'm knowledgeable enough to be a veterinarian in my own right making decisions. Except that I probably won't be a primary on any case because I'm planning on internships.

Which reminds me. Internships. God, those application deadlines are coming up fast.

Anyway, past two weeks have been fun. I've been on Small Animal Surgery in the QMH and, while smallies are not my thing, I've had a great time with the surgery department. The clinicians are laid back, the residents are laid back...and we've had a slew of new interns come in this July and they're (mostly) really great. I've scrubbed into a few surgeries and have managed not to pass out in the way-too-hot theatre.

Seriously, though. It's boiling in the UK right now. We've had hardly any rain in the past 4 weeks and it's been HOT. Unseasonably warm. It hit 90F the other day and I rebelled against the weather by wearing a skirt. Within about 2 hours of being at the QMH, a very friendly boxer slimed me all over my knee and the lower part of my skirt. Yum.

So...yeah. I'm gonna go back to reading about tarsal luxation in dogs and pray to the vet gods that someone is able to scribe for me tomorrow because I'm never going to be able to remember the steps to a distal fibular fracture (possibly avulsion) repair and a tarsal collateral ligament repair. With an external skeletal fixator placement.

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