07 July 2013

On track, and internship talk.

Equine Orthopedics tracking week 1 is complete. Can't say that it was truly any different from my core rotation week, although I've got limited responsibilities. Which is weird.

Since tracking students don't take any patients on unless all the core students have at least one patient, there really isn't much else to do other than watch and listen. Hands on work is limited. To say that it's a bit frustrating is an understatement. But it's been a good week. I'm putting more effort into learning nerve and joint blocks in the horse, and the anatomy is getting easier to remember. So maybe that's the real purpose behind doing the tracking: it solidifies what you breezed over during your core rotation.

Also, I've started to consolidate my internship applications (which basically means I've come to a decision about what I'll be applying for). The plan is this: apply for the US internships I've set my eyes on. If none of those are successful or I change my mind about where I want to be, I'll apply to the UK and Australian internships.

In reality, I really have no idea where I'm going to end up. And that's a bit frightening.

So for now, I'm applying to the US internships with the hopes that I get into one of them. Two of the ones I'm going for are ├╝ber competitive, which decreases my chances of getting in there (also, I've not gone there yet so I don't really know if I'll fit in). The other two I'm going for are comfortable and safe, which isn't bad, but there is no guarantee that I'll get those either.

I've spiffied up my CV to include all my experience thus far, which is much more than I thought at first. My next step is the letter of intent (should be interesting).

Oh yeah. And 3 letters of recommendation. Not easy. I've got some idea of which clinicians I should ask, but I've never been one to be very confident about selling myself or asking for favors. But then...this is my career. And if I can't ask for what I want, then what the hell am I doing with myself?

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