06 September 2013

Taking exhaustion to a whole new level.

Rotation at Bell Equine has been amazing and exhausting. The people here are awesome and I'm SO glad that RVC has the option to come here for 2 weeks.

I've seen a couple of colic surgeries and scrubbed into 2 orthopedic surgeries. It's been AWESOME.

Being here helps in making some big decisions. There is something about equine surgery that I can't walk away from, even though I'll probably end up penniless and sleep deprived for the rest of my life. While I love farm work, I have a feeling I might get bored after a while.

A girl I'm on rotation with here at Bell said that she could see me doing surgery, working at a referral practice; in her honest opinion (and I love when people can give me an honest opinion), I'd get bored doing anything less.

And when I sit and think about it, she's 100% right. And I'm grateful to her for it.

I probably won't go straight from an internship to a residency. I might take a few years to work in the field to get some extra experience under my belt, but eventually I'll get there.

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