27 April 2014

I did it! I got my Viking horse tattoo. I love it, it's itchy, and I can't wait for it to be completely healed. And I want more.

Anyway, Krakow was amazing. J and I had a great time. I forgot my phone, so I couldn't take any pictures while I was there. Sad, but it left my hands and mind free from obsessing about taking photos. Although I did have J take a few for me. 

And April is almost over. 2 more months left before I head back to the US to start my internship. I can't believe how much this year is already flying by. Tomorrow starts PRTT (Post rotational taught tracking AKA electives) for the next four weeks, followed by 4 weeks of revision and then the last finals (hopefully). So crazy!

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  1. Hello! I was recently accepted to RVC and I was hoping I could ask you some questions, is there any way I could email you?
    And thanks for this blog! It has helped a lot!