25 May 2014

FYR = Best. Night. Ever.

It's been a while!!

I'm done with PRTT (electives), which means an end to formal teaching for me. Scary. It's crazy to think that I have to sit exams in four weeks time.

Yesterday we had our Final Year Revue (we also had it on Friday, but yesterday was the big night). It was amazing, such a great turn out, such funny skits and videos, and all in all a blast. There was a dance after-party at the same venue, which was amazing. I'm so glad I stuck around for it and danced my butt off. I'm sad that it will be the last time we're all together as a year before graduation (and technically exams..but that doesn't count).

So...yeah. Now is the long(ish) stretch of revision to finals. The final finals. The end is nigh. I start my job in 5 weeks. Time is flying.

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