20 June 2014

One week!!

Holy mother of kittens, I've only got a week before I move back to the US. It's hard to believe.

The worst part of this is that I absolutely hate packing. Especially since it's so much more to take home than I expected. I mean, it's 4 years of life here in the UK. It's a lot. I'm trying to decide what is best to take back in the first leg of the moving process. I've gotten rid of 3 bags of clothes, so that reduces my wardrobe a lot...but I still have a sizable amount left to pack up. Do I bring the few bits and bobs hanging around my room (pictures, etc) on the first trip? And books, what about those? Decisions.

Thankfully I've managed to sell most of my furniture. I don't feel too bad about not selling the rest. I'm taking a bit of a hit in the wallet, but it's not enough to make a huge fuss over. I'm just glad I sold the big ticket items (desk, TV, dresser).

As you can imagine, revision has been going slowly. I've managed to get through everything I wanted to get through, but that feeling of not knowing enough is heavy on my mind. I'm great at telling people they know more than they think they do, and that everything will be fine, except I'm not all that great at telling it to myself. HOWEVER. I do keep repeating 2 things: 1) if I can survive G&T year, I can survive anything; and 2) If I can make it through 3 years of exams and do moderately well, I can make it through this one.

On that note, I'm gonna get back to revision. Only 3 more days until exams!

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