26 June 2014


The final finals are officially over! Well, hopefully the final finals. Results are next Friday, so I'll be holding my breath a bit until then. In the end, there were some good bits and some bits where I went "WTF." So it's really up in the air as to whether I passed or not. But honestly, I've never not passed an exam here, so (fingers crossed) here's hoping this set of exams doesn't break that pattern.

Tomorrow I fly back for the pentultimate time to move my stuff from the UK to RI, then from RI to NY. And then start at my internship on Monday. Not much time to breathe. I do, however, have a pedicure at 1pm on Saturday, so there's a bit of pampering that will happen.

4 years coming to a close. Doesn't it just feel surreal?

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