22 March 2010

It's Official: I'm going to London.

Soon enough, the Royal Veterinary College will receive my acceptance form along with the permission to take £1000 (roughly $1500 US) out of my checking account in order to reserve my place there. I should be more excited than I am, but in reality I've been preparing myself for this step since I walked out of that building in New York after my interview and subsequent offer of placement at RVC with the knowledge that, come hell or high water (with or without acceptance to any other school), I was going to actually become a veterinarian.


I'm actually going to be a veterinarian. And it'll be as a result of going to London. For four years. FOUR YEARS. How does a girl get this lucky?

Of course, right now things are technically at a standstill because I still have to send in that little slip of paper containing my HELLS YES I'M GOING response to RVC and I'm still a few hundred dollars short of actually having enough money to reserve a spot (this week's paycheck and a little support from the 'rents will cover it). And, upon checking the financial aid page at the RVC website, I'm unable to apply for loans until at least July 1st, when new legislation is going through for student loans (supposedly making it easier to pay back student loans and loan forgiveness sooner rather than later). Which is awesome for higher education students on the whole, but shitty for me since it will delay my applying for a UK visa. See, in order to actually be awarded (given? bestowed?) a UK visa Tier 4 (student visa for study over 6 months), you need to have a letter from the institution saying you've been enrolled as a student, a passport (just got) and the monetary means to support yourself and pay for school while you are there. And the only way I'll ever be able to afford going to RVC would be to get loans to cover the Cost of Attendance (COA). So I have to wait until loans are applied for and approved before I can apply for my UK visa.

But hey. I got in. I'm going. It just might be a little more stressful than anticipated.


  1. I am so excited to have found a blog for someone going to RVC!!! Congrats on getting accepted, that is SO cool!

    I hope to get into RVC at some point but that's going to be several more years--it can't happen soon enough.

    There are several questions that I would like to ask but I don't to make you go crazy! ;) So, I'll just ask one. Was the interview just a general interview or was the new behavioral kind that colleges are starting to use?

    Look forward to reading your post! :D

  2. Thanks! It was a very laid back interview. Mostly just questions about my experience and what my goals were. I don't think it was a behavioral one, but it wasn't stressful at all...although my shirt was soaked through by the end because I was so stressed walking IN to the interview. Good luck and thanks for reading! :D