24 March 2010

Loan-ed out.

For the past few weeks since finalizing my decision on RVC, I have been researching loans in order to pay, because only a crazy person would believe that I actually make enough money to afford to pay out-of-pocket. But hey, some people can. Just not me. Hence the extensive search for loans that will cover international schools.

So. The student loan bill that's attached to the health care bill (yay, it passed and is official!) prevents me from being able to apply just now (see previous post), but at least I have all my ducks in a row. Half the stuff I found when I googled "veterinary school loans" were actually websites dedicated to getting veterinarians started with their own practice. Good to note, but not necessary yet.

Wells Fargo: doesn't cover loans to RVC. It does for some international schools (the only vet school I found that was covered was Ross U), but not for RVC for some reason. I didn't even see University of London on the list, which is the school system RVC is attached to.

RISLA: my local student loan authority through Granite State Management. For those of us that aren't Rhode Islanders, I'm sure there are state-funded loan programs in other states for students. However, RISLA will only fund for schools within the US and Canada. Boo. Oh well, don't want them anyway! :P

Sallie Mae: I know, I know. I cringed too when this popped up in my search. But so far, she's the only student loan authority that lists RVC on it's "ok, we'll send money ALL the way over there so you can make your dream come true" list. And she seems pretty legit...so far. I haven't actually entered a relationship with her yet, so that may change.

And don't forget the FAFSA. Most important step of all. Without this, I'd be up the Thames without a paddle OR a canoe. I'm so glad that I'm the age I am because I'm finally considered an independent, meaning that my parents can't claim me as a dependent on their taxes. Yay money and YAY because my income is so low that I can qualify for more aid from the federal government. Thanks, taxpayers! I got my EFC (estimated family contribution) and the SAR (student aid report) is on it's way. RVC does require me to send in the full 8-page SAR in order for them to approve Stafford loans. I did have to call to get that sent to me so that I can then mail it to RVC. Supposedly there is a way to get it at the FASFA website, but the only SAR I ever could get was the short and sweet one.

So now, I can sit back and relax and know that, when RVC has the ability to process my loan applications, all the hours I spent sitting at the family lap top at the kitchen table with my mother in the background "get OFF the computer and clean your ROOM!" will have not been in vain.

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