28 March 2010

Yay for Apple!

Not the fruit, either. I bought a macbook yesterday! Technically, my parents bought it for me, but it's mine all mine! Originally I was going to wait a few more months before I bought one, so we wouldn't have to put it on a credit card, but I reasoned that it would be easier to get now so that I could get used to it.

So yeah. I'm a proud Mac owner now. It feels weird since I've been a PC for most of my life, but I'm really loving this. It has a really awesome battery life (7 hours!) so that when I'm at school and losing track of time, the macbook won't randomly die after an hour and half of studying/writing/research. I even bought iWork, which is like the Apple version of the Microsoft package of excel, word and powerpoint. I really like it, too! It's very easy to work with and the features are so awesome.

And it will make my use of skype so much easier now that I have a built-in camera and mic. And I can do video-blogs too! Overall I'm just really happy that I made the decision to go with a mac instead of another PC.

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