08 April 2010

Gotta love Wednesdays!

So today I got an email from the Head of Admissions about the scholarship that I was up for. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it. But I didn’t expect to get it anyway. Oh well. That just means I have to pay for my 1st year’s tuition. But BONUS. I got more info about the pre-sessional program that I have to attend (I believe the term was “compulsory”). It’s going to cost me 590£, which includes staying at the Lee Abbey London from September 11th through the 22nd, 3 meals a day, a 2 week travel card, and free(ish, I mean...I’m paying for it??) transport from Heathrow to Lee Abbey.

The first thing I thought was...I have to pay MORE to be in the program? But I guess it makes sense. The facilities won’t be available to freshers yet because they probably won’t be ready. And I get to be there by the 11th soo...not gonna complain. And 3 meals paid for with this? AND a travel card that gives me unlimited access to the London Underground AND buses? Do people get this on vacation for a $1000USD? I dunno. Maybe. But for 11 days? That breaks down to 90USD a day for room and board, a bus and underground pass, AND covers my transport via London Underground to Lee Abbey London. AND covers my transport to my actual place of living on the 22nd. Lee Abbey doesn’t look too bad, actually looks pretty nice.

More info to come when I get my Welcome packet in the summer. It’s getting so CLOSE.


I’M SO EXCITED. And I apparently I just can’t hide it. :D

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