20 April 2010

Oh, that silly volcano...

So as much as that silly volcano is worrying me, it is a blessing in disguise. Since the admissions officers at RVC are worried about me getting the hard copies of everything...they sent me emails of everything (read: awesomeness).

What I got this morning via email is my accommodations packet. And my AHEMS packet. And my preliminary school year schedule. Now I truly know the consequences of starting school so late. As a G&T student (aka 4 year student), I start this year on September 13. According to my first year calendar, my oral examinations won't end until the week commencing July 11. WOW. To me, that's late, since I'm used to mid-May as my last week of school. That will take a bit of getting used to.

But yay! I got these emails this morning and even though I didn't get to read them fully, I was literally on a cloud all day. I can't believe what a difference an EMAIL from RVC makes...

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  1. Lucky you! School starts August 2nd for me and doesn't end until June.