18 October 2010

I've sold my soul to Apple.

After some annoying confusion Barclays has had with my correspondence address (only my US address was listed, but the nice lady at the Moorgate branch helped me fix it), I finally was able to buy my iPhone.

Yes, I've sold my soul to Apple. I have a MacBook and an iPhone. I feel official. I've spent the past few hours playing around with it, instead of studying. BUT. A friend of mine downloaded some veterinary terms and anatomy apps onto her iTouch, and I found a few (that I'm hesitant to buy, even though I have loads of cash from my loans). They look awesome, and helpful, and they are usable even when not connected to a 3G network.

I should, however, think about getting some real text books before I go buying apps for my iPhone. And I should also stop procrastinating and get back to studying...

1 comment:

  1. What vet apps are there? I have an itouch as well. Mac is awesome! Welcome to the Dark Side, young Jedi!