30 November 2010

Don't get sick in the UK...

...it'll take you weeks to recover.

So my bout with fresher's flu part 3 has been a bit of a downer. It started a few days before I left for Paris and it ran me into the ground every day while we were there. So when I came back, I made the first appointment I could with my local NHS clinic (which was the Wednesday after we got back).

For the record, the first appointment was near pointless. The GP looked down my throat, listened to my lungs, and basically told me to keep up with what I was doing. If I wasn't getting better by Friday, she told me to pick up a prescription of antibiotics. Well, by Friday I wasn't any better, so I picked up the amoxicillin. While on amoxicillin, I managed to get worse AND develop an ear infection.

Yes, I said it. An ear infection. Something I haven't had since, oh...I don't know, 3 years old? Seriously. What 24 year old gets an ear infection?

Anyway. So after not getting better after resting the whole weekend, I went back this past Monday. Same GP. This time, she listened to my lungs for a good long while (which had me worried...still does) and said that my left ear really was inflamed. So now, I'm on a SECOND antibiotic (clarithromycin), which seems to be working. I'm not coughing my lungs out, my sinuses aren't killing me, and my ear feels a bit better even after only one day of being on the clarithroamycin.

So my advice: don't get sick in the UK. It sucks. And it's really difficult to work with NHS, especially when you are pretty sure the GP you're seeing is the same age as you. Also, missing classes because you are sick sucks because you miss out on a lot of important information needed for your exam in 2 weeks (fuuuuuuuuuck).

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