03 December 2010

I Love Dissection...?

Really, I do love dissection. Except when it's 6 hours in the dissection lab doing two different tasks: dissection of the equine forelimb and then study of the vertebral column in domestic animals.

The first part was almost bearable. I mean, duh. It's what the bulk of my future work as a vet will be, considering I want to work mainly with orthopedics, which requires extensive knowledge of the equine limb in general.

But the second part? Ugh. I pretty much just sat and chatted with two classmates about random stuff (like childbirth to hyperextension of the neck in horses and it's consequences...not sure how that happened).

And I snapped a picture of what must've once been a cute bulldog:

That's what happens when a vet student gets bored. We take pictures of silly things, like articulated skeletons of dogs.

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