20 February 2011

ISF = intentional study failure.

So the ISF mock happened on Friday of this past week. After going through the 15 minutes of being grilled about what I know about a particular structure or organ, I now know what happens when you get tunnel vision in revision.

Ok, grilled is a bit harsh. The lecturers I had my ISF with were actually quite nice, and tried to help as much as possible while I was answering. It was reassuring to realize that yes, they actually DO want you to pass and do well. One question I completely blanked on (aced anatomy, failed on the histology part of it) and did fairly well on the second (I somehow managed to remember the information I learned last term).

As for the tunnel vision...

I focused SO hard on trying to remember the muscles and bones and innervation of things that I got stuck on the first page of the Level 1 ISF questions. I'm so behind now on studying that I don't know if I'll be able to catch up by the end of the term. Silly of me, really. Now that the ISF panic is over, I can get back to being productive and studying what I'm supposed to be studying for the end of term exam.

But now, I'm going to go see Ben Folds in concert! It's been a concert filled weekend, with Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles on Friday night and Ben Folds tonight. My last weekend of bliss before I bury myself with school work until end of term (3 weeks! Time flies...).

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