07 February 2011

Windy City = London?

For the past week, the wind has been out of control here. Not a day goes by without my hair whipping in my face (painfully, sometimes) at some point. Also, I can count the number of days we've had sun (for maybe 10 minutes) since coming back on one hand. My body really misses the sun.

On a school note: we've got our mock oral ISF (integrated structure and function) exam coming up soon. Thankfully RVC has sent us a list of the Level One questions the examiners will be pulling from, so at least we can prepare for those, but we're on our own for the Level Two and Three questions. At least when you reach a Level Three question in an exam, you know you have at least a 70% (which is AMAZING considering a passing grade is a 50%).

Also, I just realized this: I'm halfway through my second term here. In 4 weeks I start my AHEMs placements. Eek.

Oh, and tomorrow? I play with pigs. This should be interesting.

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