26 February 2011

2 weeks and counting

Only two weeks until the exam for Term 2. I'm so behind on revision, but strangely I feel that I'm in a better position than I was in last term. Doing 4 to 5 hours of studying a day really makes a difference, even if it's split up into a couple of study sessions. It's obvious, really, but it took me a whole term to get that into my head. I find that my retention is a smidgen better than it was last term.

The term 2 exam is going to include some heavy hitters: Parisitology, Pathology, Virology, Bacteriology (lots of -ologies), Nervous System, and Reproduction. My brain is already beginning to melt. This weekend, I've got to get the entire Reproduction unit done. I haven't had a chance to review any of it (health concerns among other things taking up my brain space). It'll be tough, but if I can't finish it, at least I can take a big dent out of it.

And...only one more week of lectures! Phew. Thank God for that.

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