13 December 2011

Christmas Ball

RVC Student Union sure knows how to throw a party.

Last night we had the school's Christmas Ball. It was pretty epic. The food was fabulous, we had a never ending supply of wine and beer at our disposal, we had a STAGE to dance on, there were dancers, acrobatics during dinner, gambling (fake, of course) after dinner, there was 'snow' (soap bubbles, I'm guessing), it was just really beautiful. Here's a peek at what the ceiling looked like:

It was a really fabulous night. The end got a little hectic when we tried to retrieve our coats, but we made it home ok in the end, coats and all.

And tomorrow, I'm flying home. I'm missing a few days of lecture, but RVC records lectures through a system called Echo360, so I'll be listening to those that I miss at home.

GAH I can't wait to see everyone back home in RI!


  1. Is it totally lame that this picture makes me think of the Great Hall at Hogwarts?

  2. No!! That's what my first impression was also. :)