02 December 2011

Just a regular day at the *ahem* Royal Vet College...

We had a very special visitor today come to the RVC Hawkshead campus: HRH Princess Anne.

I mean, we are called the "Royal" Vet College for a reason...

(Image shamelessly stolen from my friend J. She was in the perfect position, and I was in the library...studying.)

In less sparkly awesome news, my paper is almost complete. If I can just wrap my head around how to conclude the essay, I'll be golden. Also, I got some lovely surgical instrument posters for my walls (courtesy of, again, my friend J. without whom I would probably not pass vet school). They were free from a company here in the UK.

Pardon my post-nap appearance...it's finally become proper winter here in the UK, which means the frequency of my naps will increase until the sun stays in the sky for decent periods of time instead of this dark at 4:15pm crap.

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