08 December 2011

Homemade Chicken Soup time.

I've been coming down with a cold this week, and today it hit me full force. Yesterday I was just sniffly, had a scratchy throat and a major migraine. Today, it's the sinus pain, stuffed nose, scratchy throat, cough, etc etc ad nauseum. So, I went to the local butcher and got carrots, celery, leek, and two chicken legs to make chicken soup. I still believe that this is the cure-all for colds, mostly because it makes me feel better emotionally than physically. It just screams home for me, which is what I desperately need when I'm sick. I'm a miserable...insert word here...when I'm sick, and chicken soup makes me not miserable.

It's currently simmering on the stove, while I eat gluten-free chocolate chip muffins that my friend B. gave me randomly. He's such a super thoughtful person! They're really yummy.

By the way: I watched turkey slaughter yesterday...forgot to mention that. It was really interesting how it's done. The birds are stunned first to make them insensible, then bled in order to knock them unconscious before the stun wears off (it's so they don't feel pain). And then we got to pluck some of them, another interesting thing, since I've never plucked anything before. Had a really good talk to a fellow 3rd year about random stuff. It was a great day.

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