07 March 2012

Lame? Heck yes.

I'm part of the Equine Clinical Club, since I'm a huge geek about horses. The club sets up various things in the year to expand our horsey knowledge. A few months ago, we had a lecture about horse behavior and such, and today we did a mini-seminar about horse lameness.

It was pretty awesome. The sky cleared just in time for us to be outside for it, and the equine vet that ran it did a pretty good job. A lot of it was revision for me, since I've shadowed vets that were very invested in my learning and would quiz me and make me guess which leg was lame, and why, and how I could tell, etc etc. (I have some pretty awesome horsey mentors back home). Plus, he was a riot. The pony wasn't exactly the perfect patient and tried more than once to bite/kick the people who handled her, and he got visibly annoyed. I was close enough to hear him mutter some not so nice things to the bratty pony. I actually took a turn trying to get her to trot back and forth, but I was wearing steel toed boots and my legs would NOT move fast enough.

Renal module started this week. It's nice to have a new subject to listen to; I was getting a little sick of Respiratory. And renal physiology is something I can wrap my head around. I studied it so much last year because I was so worried that we would get an essay question on it for the exam (AND WE DID), and thankfully I feel pretty comfortable with renal stuff.

Less than 3 weeks until my first clinical placement (and my 26th birthday..wah). I realized the other day that I didn't bring any good office clothes with me, so I've got a major shopping trip in store sometime in the next few weeks (yay!).

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