19 March 2012

One more week!

This is the last week of classes until we go on Easter holiday, which also means there is only one more week until clinical placements start. I'm nervous and excited for it, but I'm also more nervous because the amount time I have to study is basically cut in half from last year.

I must say, though, we had a mock EMQ exam last week and it went better than I thought it would. I don't think I'd go so far to say that I'm completely prepared for the May exam, but I do feel much better about the format. Results for that come in on Friday, so we'll see.

The weather here is finally getting sunny and warmer. Not as warm as back home (70 in Providence RI this past weekend?? What?), but warmer for UK weather. It's a bit schizo, though; sometimes the sun is out in the morning and it rains by mid-afternoon, and then gets sunny at around 5:30 (just in time for the sun to set...), but hey. Any sun is better than no sun at all! Unless of course you sleep through the sunny morning bit.

Also, my birthday is right around the corner (literally). I'm not old, but most of BVetMed 3 is on their way to turning 21 this year...so that makes me feel a little old. But hey, another year wiser too, right? Hopefully?

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