26 March 2012

First Day of EMS

It was pretty great. The morning commute was awkward (mostly because I got turned around and got off the bus for apparently no reason, making myself late). While I don't love small animal work, I'm glad I did something familiar for my first EMS. Good way to get my feet wet. Saw a bunch of consults, watched a rabbit dental, and had a few spare moments to study in between. Welwyn, where the practice is, is really cool, too. It's a tiny little town that's been around for a looooong time and there are some pretty cool old buildings.

Also, birthday was pretty good. Made myself and roommate A. a huge feast of enchiladas, and she made a flourless chocolate cake. It was amazing. Granted, I studied most of the day...but that's what happens when you decide to go to vet school.

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