21 April 2012

Licensed Driver.

I had my UK drivers test on Tuesday and I'm happy to say that I passed with only 4 faults. All that worrying for naught. (Plus, I spent a lot of money on lessons...so if I didn't pass, I was going to be very upset with myself.)

Monday, as an incentive to passing, I bought myself a cute little 2001 Polo. Blue, 3-door, Manual, good gas mileage and has a really fun blue and grey interior. Here she is:

 I have named her TARDIS...because she's blue and is bigger on the inside. She is thus proof that I am probably the biggest geek for Doctor Who ever.

Anyway, revision continues. I'm on Principles of Science, which is so far kicking my butt, but I am kicking back. Less than 2 weeks until the first exam. Ugh.

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