08 April 2012

Revision revision revision!

My 2 week placement with the small animal vets finished up yesterday. It was pretty damn awesome to be back in a practice doing things, but it was nice to realize once again that small animal is definitely not my thing. I love my dogs and cats, but working in a small animal practice would not be a good fit for me. I like the outdoors. And the smell of barns and horses. Yep, it's definitely equine/large animal for me.

This last week was pretty amazing, though. I got to scrub in on a tendon reconstruction surgery, which was interesting to watch. The dog had come in with a wound on its left carpus that wouldn't stop bleeding (arterial bleed!) and she refused to put any weight on it. I ended up holding the left leg during the surgery, so I got to see it up close and personal. I even managed to guess the correct suture material for everything!  I also participated in a euthanasia on a heron, which was interesting but sad. Someone had found it on the side of the road just sitting there, and had brought it to the practice to be humanely euthanized (which was the right choice). I've never seen a heron up close, but man they are gorgeous creatures. Unfortunately, this one was really sick and did need to be euthanized.

And now, the next 4 weeks will be devoted solely to revision. Exams are the first week in May, and the week after I go to Florida to finally meet my nephew! That is what is keeping me going.

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