30 May 2012

Sister time!

My big sister arrives in London tomorrow! I'm so excited that I made a mini-poster for her.

Well, it was part excitement and part procrastination that led to the making of said mini-poster. But it was all love!

Anyway, she's here for a month (which should prove to be interesting) and we plan to do quite a bit of traveling while she's here. Since this weekend is Jubilee weekend, and also a 4 day weekend (YES), we're escaping the city to do a bit of a driving tour from Cornwall to Bristol and then up to Oxford, and then back home to try and wander into the city to watch some of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

For people who are asking "What the F is she talking about with this Jubilee stuff?"; Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne officially for 60 years, and is only the second monarch to do so in the history of British monarchy. It's a huge deal, and the entire country has gone crazy over it (except for the smart people fleeing the country for the long weekend to avoid the hassle of it all).

Anyway, it should prove to be a very good weekend. The faster I fall asleep tonight, the faster tomorrow comes and the faster I see my sister! Gah, so excited. I'm never going to be able to fall asleep.

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