06 June 2012

Cornwall Road Trip!

In my last post, I said that my sister and I were going on a road trip through the West Country. Well, holy crap. It was beautiful. Seriously, seriously beautiful. Cornwall is like no other place on Earth.

Anyway, we started the trip early Friday morning in order to try and avoid the crazy long weekend traffic. About an hour into the drive, Corinne said "Hey, where's Stonehenge? We're driving by it, right?"

And thus, the random "let's go here!" planning started.

We kind of made the decision to not plan too far ahead so that we could go where we wanted on a whim and not have any time constraints. Gotta say, best plan of the trip. There was no rush to get anywhere, the stress was minimal, and we could just enjoy driving through the country with all it's majestic views.

So we went to Stonehenge, which was pretty damn cool.

And then, we stopped at a little town called Ilminster for lunch (I think it was somewhere in Somerset), which was really nice. From there, we pretty much drove straight through with minimal traffic.

I should say now that the whole drive was drizzly and cloudy. But when we hit Penzance, the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds. It was absolutely bloody gorgeous. We ended up dropping our stuff off at the hostel, freshening up, and heading straight back out to get dinner and see the town. We stopped in Land's End and ended up in a place called Sennen for dinner. Sennen is this little town on a cove.

The next day, we decided to do a little King Arthur stuff, since Cornwall is where the legend lived. So we went to the Arthurian Center and saw the site of his last battle (supposed) and King Arthur's rock, where he was supposed to have died. It was a corny little place, but worth it just to get a picture of the rock for my mother (she is an avid/rabid King Arthur legend fan). Then, we went up to Tintagel to see the castle where he was born, and Merlin's cave. Here's the cove that the castle was built next to.

I went into Merlin's cave as far as I could, which was pretty far since the tide was out. It was really cool.

We ended up opting not to go all the way up to Tintagel Castle, since it was pricey to get in and we didn't feel like walking up a 80 degree angle to get up there (I swear, it was the steepest damn flight of stairs I've ever seen). So we walked back up to the town, got lunch, and then started our drive to Bristol.

We actually didn't do much in Bristol, but the hotel we stayed at was phenomenal. Great room, huge bath tub, and the food was great AND there was live music that night. It was an awesome find. Seriously, if you ever need to stay in Bristol and don't want to stay in the city, go to Almondsbury and find The Swan Hotel. They were great.

The next day (Sunday), we decided to skip Oxford and come back, since there really wasn't much to do nearby Oxford and the weather was complete crap. And, Corinne's boyfriend and my good friend Stuart had just arrived (he's originally from here) and we wanted to spend some time with him.

Anyway, that was our trip. Fabulousness. We had so much fun.

And now, back to reality. We started our locomotor unit last week, so basically I'm going to have a much easier time paying attention in class since I really like the stuff we're going to be learning.

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