27 June 2012

Away we go.

My sister's visit with me has come to a close. In a few minutes, I'll be driving her to the airport for her flight back to the US.

But the best news happened yesterday. She applied for a masters program in London and got in!! So she'll be here for 2 years and be graduating the same year I do. It'll be nice to have her around, for a little bit of home during what I believe to be the most harrowing 2 years of vet school: rotations.

I fly home next week to do a 2 week placement in RI, and then my good friend C's wedding, and then I get a few days to relax before I come back to reality the UK.

As an aside: we finished our Locomotor module last week, and I seriously forgot how much I loved all that stuff. It really solidified in my brain that I definitely want to do equine sports med/orthopedics. I mean, I'll still do some farm animal placements, but I decided to track Equine for rotations with the mindset that I can totally do it.

These next 2 years will be amazing!

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