04 July 2012

Happy 4th!

Well, it's my second year celebrating America's independence in the country it gained independence from. Except this year, I'm watching my favorite musical, '1776', in celebration. I used to watch it every year on television, since it is all about how Congress came to declare independence from Great Britain. Plus, John Adams is my favorite president, and he's a large part of the movie. Plus plus, some parts are very funny.

Anyway, instead of finishing exams this year, we have the day off from school (the day is listed as "directed study", which we all know to be "you're supposed to do something but really, you don't have to"). I've got a barbecue at a friend's house around the corner, where we'll be drinking to America's independence.

Also, in two days, 3rd year lectures end and I fly home. So close!

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