16 November 2012

Last day!!

Today was officially (OFFICIALLY) the last day of lectures for BVetMed '14.

You heard me. The LAST DAY. Of FORMAL LECTURES. 



Caps lock is a bit annoying, and I've been at the Buttery (the Hawkshead bar) for a few hours, so pardon my typing. 

Seriously, though. BVetMed4 had the theme of Noah's Ark for last day of classes, and it worked out WONDERFULLY. I dressed up as a sloth with my friend A., and it was amazing. Although the face makeup was a little itchy so I had to remove it right after all the pictures were taken. Here's a sample of our class picture:

Needless to say, we had a great last day of lectures. I'm so proud of class of 2014, for taking the theme seriously and for being so badass at doing it!

And now, onto the serious bit of revision until exams in 2 weeks. Bring it on!!

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