12 April 2013

Don't get sick.

Seriously. Don't get sick on EMS. It sucks, you have to make up the time, and if you get the flu, you want to die.

I've spent the last 4 days holed up in my house trying to get rid of a persistent fever that just wouldn't quit. Thankfully, it seems to have broken at last and I'm feeling a little more myself (minus my voice). At least my placement is more than happy to accomodate me making up these days on the week that I took for myself to see family. Although it stinks that I won't be able to spend more time with my LI family.

Also, on a completely different note, doing a tax disc for a car while you're outside the country is a completely stressful event. Unless you're smart and go straight to calling the automated line, which is the opposite of what I did. I had a roommate of mine search for days, fruitlessly, to find my vehicle registration document (which is not where it is supposed to be, sneaky bugger got misplaced somehow), and freaking out that I was going to incur a HUGE fine (because that's what they say on the reminder the DVLA mails out). But no. All I had to do was do it by phone, and it took less than 5 minutes. Ugh. Next time, I will try all options they give before freaking out about it.

Now, I'm going to go back to watching bad US TV and hopefully spending my last day on the couch. Because I'm seriously so done with it. It's boring. I'd rather be out and about looking at horses. Hell, I'd rather be washing sheaths like I did half of Monday afternoon than be holed up in my parent's house on the couch moaning in agony because I can't get rid of a bloody migraine (it's gone now, thank goodness).

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