30 June 2013

I love this place.

I don't think I've talked about how much I love being in the UK in a while, probably because I haven't really had time to do anything other than study while on rotations.

Well, I'm saying it. I love this place.

Yesterday I met my sister and S in Borough Market. I ended up getting there early, so I wandered around between all the food stalls and was tempted to get all the fresh produce I could get my hands on. Unfortunately my sensible side stepped in and reminded me that I'm on a student budget and I should be frugal. I settled for buying 2 punnets of strawberries from Kent and some chorizo from Spain.

Oh, and camel burgers.

Seriously, though. Not kidding. We had camel burgers and grilled sweet potato and zucchini for dinner last night.


I bought my friend L a horse steak.

Now, before you go all "OH MY GOD YOU ATE HORSE WHATAERSF:DLSDKJF>WER", I didn't actually eat the horse, but I'm not exactly opposed to it. There are places in the world that raise horses for meat, and I'm ok with it. It wasn't long ago that the US had horse meat in supermarkets (I think it stopped being a regular shelf product in the early 1950s). And after the whole Tesco horse meat in burgers scandal, I think some kind of taboo has been lifted because hey: chances are you've actually already eaten it. You just didn't know it. So...buy it on purpose and give it a try.

I haven't really had the courage to do it yet, but soon. And Borough Market has a lovely exotic meat stall that carries basically any meat you desire. Ostrich steak? Yup. Springbok jerky? You betcha. I think they were frying up kangaroo burgers yesterday for lunch as well. I mean, seriously.

To think that I was once a stalwart vegetarian. Lulz.

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