05 October 2013

Last Day in the QMH

I have officially completed my last rotation in the QMHA.

Feels weird. And wonderful. And inextricably terrifying.

I mean, maybe it's not that terrifying. I'm blowing it out of proportion. BUT. This means that I've only got 5 more rotations to go: Beaumont Animal Hospital, Wales (PMVPH), Equine out of hours, Equine Medicine, and Pathology.

Holy mother of potato chips. I'm almost done with rotations.

So yeah. This is terrifying.

I remember the countdown to STARTING school. Now I'm starting to experience the countdown to FINISHING school. Which, in my opinion, is kah-ray-zee.

Tomorrow I leave for KY for 11 days to check out two places I'm applying to for internships, and hopefully I will make a good impression and not look like a total tool. Tiredness makes my brain have the dumb.

Then, I'm coming back here to finish writing my research project. I'm planning on writing the majority of it while on the plane tomorrow (what else would I do with my close to 9 hour flight? Watch movies? Psh. Amateurs.)

And oh goodness. My poor kitten is already snuggling extra long this morning because I think he knows that when the suitcase comes out, I disappear for a little while. At least it's only a week and a half this time and not close to 8 weeks!

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